Friday, January 31, 2014

Lightening-speed progress

It seems like just yesterday we moved out of the house. Oh wait, it was just yesterday. So Wednesday we closed on financing in the morning, had kick-off meeting in afternoon, then all day yesterday I supervised the move. Then this morning I went over to the house to pick up some things left behind and tie up a few loose ends and saw this in the living room....

Notice the art still on the wall in the dining room.

The project manager's work space.

The permit!
The lantern on the right was custom made a few years ago by Jack's Metal Arts in Louisiana.
While I filled up my car with more things to take over the house the crew got busy taking down the fence in the backyard, the portable toilet was delivered, and the construction signs went up out front. I think they would have started with the sledge hammer if the kitchen had only been cleaned out. Thankfully I have the rest of the weekend to move the rest of our detritus out of the house.

Felt a little overwhelmed to have it all go so fast, but given how long we have waited to get going I was really happy to see progress. Now I can't wait to really get out of their way.


  1. Fell into both of your blogs, through Stefan @ architectdesign. Excited to see the progress. The bits of the plans shown look wonderful. So many books to add to my pile, I'm sort of wishing I didn't know about.

  2. Woo-Hoo! How is Lucy adjusting to apartment life?

  3. Progress!! Yes Demo is always so fast but then the rest feels SOOOO SLOW..... They didn't waste any time setting up!

  4. Don: Welcome. Glad you like the blogs.

    Chris: So far so good. The first night she wasn't sure what to do.

    Stefan: Don't say that...