Saturday, February 8, 2014

Excavation starts

We decided to drive over to the house this morning because my husband hadn't been there since they started work. My hope was that they would have cleared away the rubble from the patio that they broke to pieces n Thursday morning. Very happy not only to see the rubble cleared away but a big ol' hole in the ground.

The wood clapboard covered bump out will be removed. The horizontal pipe that stretches from the house to he backyard appears to have been a water pipe. Probably for filling the pool that was once in the backyard.

Nothing like a little rotting wood to make you glad you are tearing something down.
Not a big surprise the floor of the powder room that was in this little bump out was a little on the cold side.

Lucy approves.

As expected, Lucy loved all the straw. 


  1. What a mess. Interesting to follow. Especially Lucy's reaction to it all. She looks quite calm. Such a beautiful dog.

  2. This is going to be so fun to follow!! Read through all your posts and am very excited to see what you're doing both inside and for the exterior. Did we talk about the fact your house house once had a pool? Don't remember that so I'll consider it a sign that you really need to have a pool in your future.

  3. WOW!!!! Excavation, indeed! Congrats to you, John and Lucy :) Look forward to following along. And Anne is such a brilliant architect. Nice, too!

  4. Isn't excavation a little scary?? seeing things you're not sposed to see.... I think you're so brave to visit and watch what they're doing to your place. I always think that when I watch Grand design too - I think I would prefer to just turn up when it's all finished. I agree with Pam Parks - Lucy looks like she's taking it in her stride.

  5. Pam: It gets messier by the day.

    Michelle: It did have a pool and will again. John is champing at the bit to get that going.

    Loi: I can't believe we are actually underway.

    Tamara: When I visit, as soon as it starts to stress me out, I just leave.