Thursday, March 13, 2014

What a difference two weeks makes

While we were here for ten days...
Well, we were only at the Mauna Kea Beach Hotel for five nights (the other five in Waikiki). The hotel itself is a wonderful modernist building from the 1960s that is much more elegant in person than it is in pictures. A really lovely place to stay. They have created a really fun microsite for the hotel that starts to get at the groove of the place.
...a lot of stuff happened at the house.

The last time I was at the house was on February 27th. Demo had continued inside in spots and the footings had been poured in the big hole in back.

While we were gone I saw an inspection report that showed the forms for the foundation/basement walls so I knew that things were progressing. But I was a little surprised to see how far they had gotten while we were away. As of this morning, the foundation walls were in place, the framing for the floor, and some of the new structural steel was in place, and there was a pretty big hole in the back of the existing house.

The two deep window wells allow for emergency egress for the bedroom in the new basement.
Basement floor plan for new addition. You can see the egress wells on the left.

New steel header above the old French windows.
The open space to the left used to be the exterior wall of our kitchen.

Plan of the first floor of the addition. The blue arrow shows the general view point of the previous picture.

The masonry under the new steel beam will also be demolished.

New steel framing starts to give a sense of he new space. The place where the beam gets shallower is to accommodate the new decking--so that when you walk out of our new master bedroom you still have a slight step down to the surface of the deck. 
Plan of the second floor. The caption on the previous photo referencing the changing height of the steel beam refers to the narrow area of deck at the end of the master bedroom. The master bath in the lower left corner is where our master is in the existing house.
The thing I find fascinating is that there always seems to be stuff going on inside as well as outside. I guess contractors multitask. Duh.

You can see what that new beam insertion looks like from the inside. The window is our former master bath and is about in the place of the new closets in the master bedroom.

Picture taken slightly to the left of the previous picture. The windows are our soon to be former master bedroom. The door frame at the bottom of the picture is from the old kitchen into the dining room. The double windows are where the shower and toilet in the new master bath will be (see plan above).

Taken from our master bedroom looking into the old kitchen and out to what will be the first floor of the addition.

Slightly different view of the same.
  And then there is the new basement.

Its amazing how small unfinished space looks. A view of the new basement bedroom taken from what will be a new laundry and mechanical room.

I'm glad I don't have to understand what is going on here.


  1. It is very interesting ...
    First photo is amazing. I wish I was there now.
    Have a nice week.

    1. Thanks for stopping by. Hawaii really was lovely. And we got back just in time for one more round of snow.