Wednesday, March 19, 2014

What is it going to look like? + Progress Report

As I contemplated posting the latest progress pictures, it occurred to me that I haven't really shown what the place is going to look like.  So I decided to post some before and after drawings--that way the progress photos that follow will make a lot more sense.

Existing front elevation

New front elevation
You can see that not much changes from the front. The front door gets slightly wider and gets a transom.
The side porch is returned to its former screened-in glory and gets a new Chippendale style balustrade.

Existing back elevation

New back elevation
This is the elevation that will be most helpful when looking at the photos below.
The three windows to the left are kitchen, the French windows are family room.
The second story addition is our new master bedroom, the little window in the brick is in our new master shower.
Existing southeast elevation

New southeast elevation
The new French doors on the second level at back lead to the new master bedroom.

Existing northwest elevation

New northwest elevation
The new side door leads to a mudroom, one of the features that excites me most.

It is amazing in the early days how progress is measured in leaps and bounds. A bit of framing and suddenly you have the outline of a gable. No doubt progress will be much less dramatic when they start doing plumbing and HVAC and electrical and stuff like that.

So far there have been no big surprises. The contractors have come across some rotten wood here and there that they have replaced and a few interior walls were too shallow for electrical service so more of our original plaster is disappearing, but nothing so far that requires a change order. Phew.

The light green flooring material is the subfloor with grooves in it for the infloor radiant heat.


  1. It is truly going to be amazing when they get it done! I must say, I am always surprised by the amount of work they can do with the weather up there (noticing the snow on the roof).

  2. The project is exceptional. You've presented it with such clarity. Look forward to each post.

  3. So that balcony is going to wrap around a large portion of the house now. How awesome is that? I think it is going to look so sharp when this is all done.

  4. It's going to be gorgeous! I love all the French doors, as well as the expanded balcony.