Thursday, May 8, 2014

No story, just some progress photos

The wood siding has seen better days, nice to see it go.
You can also see new electrical boxes with the old one dangling on the corner.

I gasped when I walked in the front door this morning and saw the new staircase for the first time. Although we were always set to get a new railing and newel post, the stairs themselves were just to get new treads. When they said we could have a good, solid, all knew staircase for an extra $1,870 we jumped at it. Seeing the results this morning makes me really glad we agreed to that change order.

The before picture

Another before photo. You can see how there was a landing at the bottom and a little coat closet, both of which are gone.
That open triangle over the basement stairs will be filled in with raised wood panels.

The new staircase to from the second floor to the attic bedroom. See the pictures below to see what it used to be..

Here is the twisty, steep staircase that no one ever wanted to climb up.

This tiny closet in a tiny nursery room is now the location of the newly straightened out staircase.
Foundation of the new detached garage is in place waiting patiently for a little back fill and slab pouring...

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  1. well we finally have some decent weather so they'll be able to work quickly. It was a rough winter for construction -delays everywhere.