Sunday, June 22, 2014


My narrative abilities are at a low ebb at the moment so we will all have to be happy with a major picture dump. Insulation is done, most exterior doors are in, drywall is up, Level 5 wall finishing is in progress...
Orange spray foam filling some of the many cracks between inside and out in the library.

Spray foam on the exterior frame wall and a some rigid insulation on the exterior masonry wall in the library. Once the coldest room in the house. Hopefully not anymore.

Ceiling in the new family room. 

Acoustical insulation in the bathroom. We want you to feel comfortable...err...making yourself at home.

When we bought the house the attic bedroom had little to no very old fiberglass insulation. 

Our beautiful new mudroom door made by Buffelen.

The 'carriage house' doors for the side of the new garage made by Buffelen.

New French windows and sidelights in the new family room. Soon those will look out to John's soon to be fabulous garden.

From dining room into hall which leads to the kitchen on the left and front door on the right. Mudroom door can be seen to the left and opening to library to the right.

Mudroom. Door to powder room on the right with door to broom closet just beyond.

From the living room looking toward front door that has yet to be replaced. The wall between the living room and entry way is new. The old coat closet in the corner is gone. New stairs installed. This is going to be a lovely entryway.

The part of the library wall that is shown in spray foam above. The brick frame surrounded the original garage door before it was converted to a library in the 1940s or so.

The other end of the library.

From the front door looking through the butler's pantry hall to the French windows in the family room.

From the living room looking through the dining room to the French windows in the new family room.

From the second floor hall looking into a guest room on the left and the entrance to the master suite on the right. The smallish room just inside is a new closet.
From the second floor hall on the left looking through the master bedroom hall and bathroom door to the master shower with window, and on the right looking into the new hall bath.

The Waterworks hex marble tile for the master bath has arrived.

The northwest corner of our bedroom.

Me standing in the northeast corner of our bedroom.

Looking from a corner of the master bedroom into the master hall and bathroom.

Master bedroom looking toward entrance to suite at the end on the left with bathroom and closet doors on the right.

Looking up the new stairs to the attic bedroom. The old stairs were twisty and steep.

The west end of the attic bedroom. A matching window is on the east end of the room.

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