Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Progress photos

Given all the wiring, plumbing, and HVAC things going on at the house, progress isn't as dramatic. This week we should get insulation and next week drywall...

Those two blank spots on the first floor will be French doors with sidelights in the new Family Room.

See below for an inside view of these two Family Room windows.

One of two egress windows for the new basement bedroom.
Inside of Family Room from Kitchen. You can see one of the French door openings at right.
The orange tube is a conduit for electronics. That wall will have a flat screen mounted on it.

The three windows in the Kitchen over what will be our sink.

The interior of our new master bedroom. This is the only new construction on the second floor. On the unseen wall to the left will be a set of French doors leading out to the wrap around deck that sits on top of the new Family Room and Kitchen.

Siding and trim samples. Since the top of this window meets the fascia (on this eave-less house), the window trim only covers three sides. The siding, vertical natural wood color trim, the white vertical board, and the greyish window will all look much better when painted a single color
Leak test in progress for our gorgeous new soaking tub in the guest bathroom.  Kohler Underscore 66" x 32" 

The underside of the new staircase to the third floor. The new stair opens up tons of head room. I won't have to duck anymore when I go down tot he first floor. To the left of the front door at the bottom is a space which used to have a small coat closet. With that gone one starts to get a sense of the gracious foyer that will be.

This is looking from the first to the second floor. Look at the additional headspace created by the installation of the new staircase to the third floor. The old twisty stair used to come down as low as the break in the plaster shown at right.

Taken from front foyer. Stud wall to the left now separates the entry from the Living Room. The space just beyond is the old kitchen which will be a new circulation space with coat closet and butler's pantry. Beyond that is the new Family Room. That plywood at the end will be a set of French doors looking out to the back garden.

The library looking really gross. But the new opening into the room is amazing. It used to be a paltry 25" wide.

Stripped to the bones, the library certainly looks every inch the garage that it was in the original 1934 house.
Foundation for the new detached garage.

That's a garage behind that Bobcat.



  1. The project is really coming along. Thanks for the pictures and the update.

  2. How exciting, Thomas! I've really been enjoying the progress photos!