Sunday, June 22, 2014

Stuff is happening outside too

New garage as seen from the deck off of our new master bedroom. The opening on the side will be a pair of lovely carriage house doors which you can see at the end of this post.

Here's an uh-oh moment. Since we don't want our guests crashing down while they sit on their personal deck above the porch we are going to have to throw $3,700 at the problem.

More demo work on the porch. Can't wait until this is fixed and screened in.

Those new bolts are part of the fix.

The view from the backyard looking toward the front.

You can just make out our new bedroom French doors behind that plastic. 

The window behind the scaffolding is new and is in the process of getting its edges tucked up with salvaged brick.

That patch around the small window on the second floor waiting to be surrounded by brick.

The chaos in the backyard.The old slate has all been removed. Can't wait for that big pile of dirt to be gone.

The blue portaloo that has been "reeking" havoc with the neighbors. Hopefully its new location and increased servicing schedule will keep that from happening again.

Looking into the opening of the garage that will have the carriage house doors.

You can see the relationship of the new garage the corner of the addition. Those three windows are above the kitchen sink.

The inside of the garage waiting for its slab to be poured.

The above mentioned carriage house doors that will be installed on the side of the garage.

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  1. Is that damage from carpenter bees? Always amazing the things you find in a renovation.