Saturday, July 19, 2014

Floors and doors and a bit of tile...and one or two other things

The inside of the house is beginning to look like a house. Kind of.

Most of the new hardwood floor is in. Quarter sawn oak I believe. The hard part is yet to come. Choosing the right color.

The interior doors arrived and they look beautiful. They are heavy and solid and made of MDF. Both architect and contractor convinced us that MDF is the way to go for interior doors. Unlike regular wood doors, MDF ones don't warp with time, temp, and humidity. And they look as good as wood that is for sure. One thing that I noticed almost immediately was that the holes bored for the knobs looked too big for the hardware we chose. And I was right. They should have been about 1.75" instead they were just over 2". Thanks to the wonders of email this is someone else's problem to fix. Phew.

Most of the bathroom tile has been installed. The two guest baths have simple white ceramic hex for the floors and subway tile for the tub surrounds and wainscot. The master bath has Carrera hex floors and the shower enclosure is Carrera subway tile. All of it looks good so far. Still haven't pinned down grout yet.

The new family room with its newly installed hardwood floor.
2nd floor landing with guest bedroom to the right in the existing house showing the new wood floors.

Looking into the master bedroom from the master bedroom hall.

Main floor and second floor get the six-panel doors with the basement and attic getting the less formal two-panel doors.

I think these doors seem so beautiful to me because I got to feel their heft for myself.

These will be on one of the master bedroom closets.

Second floor hall looking toward installed tile in one of the guest bathrooms. The opening next to the stair case will be filled with a linen press so it won't be open to the landing and lower staircase.

Tub niche in guest bathroom. Grout not chosen yet, but likely to be match tile color pretty closely.

Guest bath tile wainscot with a bit of the ceramic hex floor peeking through.

The master shower looking pretty darn nice with its Carrera subway tile and very thin grout line.

Window wells getting their brick veneer.


  1. Things seem to be moving right along. The contractors must be thrilled that this summer's been cooler than normal! xo

  2. Looking good -glad you went with smaller knobs. Those big ones are so ungainly.