Thursday, July 24, 2014

Woodwork is happening...

Interior trim and exterior paneling details are going up.

The addition is starting to look like more than a box. Paneling details under the kitchen windows, pilasters with their bases and crowns have been added, molding details added at the top.

One can start to imagine how pretty this is going to be when it is painted (and the siding is up and the balcony railing, and the porta potty is gone, etc.).

It's starting to get exciting. The two squares of plywood are covering up the window wells for the basement bedroom.
This is what I call the "ugly" wall. Faces the driveway and will carry almost all of the venting for the house. Dryer, water heater, basement bathroom, range hood, etc.)

I should have taken a better picture of the mudroom porch, the ceiling of which has lovely tongue-in-groove board.

View from above.

This end wall in the attic bedroom always had this vertical board paneling, this, however, is replacement. The old stuff couldn't be salvaged. The window is still waiting for its curved molding.

The baseboard really starts to make it look finished, even with no paint and a messy floor.
Nothing like a properly scaled plinth block to set the right tone. (The intersection of the baseboards and the vertical door trim is the plinth.)

The door to the air handler in the attic is all trimmed out waiting for its door.

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  1. This is a beautiful house and the changes you're making to it just enhance its beauty. You're a lucky guy! Looks like a nice, old neighborhood, too, with mature trees. Again, lucky guy!