Saturday, September 13, 2014

Appliances (Vive la France!)

Yesterday turned out to be appliance day at chez nous.

Our French range was ordered from Lacanche in late December to take advantages of 2013 pricing. Sometime in early spring it got on a boat, and because it was shipped to take advantage of a full container, it was sent to Seattle rather than the east coast. I guess that means it went through the Panama Canal. By the end of May it was in Seattle, had been inspected, and was waiting for its journey to DC. A couple of weeks ago it was put on a truck bound for Baltimore where it cooled its heels until yesterday when it made its way to Chevy Chase.

What we didn't realize was that our contractor decided to have the other warehoused appliances delivered as well. Unfortunately the floors in most of the house have recently been stained so we couldn't really get in to take pictures. John had to bend around a corner to get the picture of all the boxes.

The kitchen cabinets may arrive as soon as the 18th. Those should make for some interesting photos.

Bonjour mon amour.


  1. Are you planning what the first thing you'll cook on that beauty is yet?

    1. Hayley, I have been having all kinds of thoughts but nothing definitive yet. I have a distinct feeling that my first will end up being something totally mundane prepared in a hurry as we are trying to get settled back into the house. My guess is that the first big meal I cook in it will be the Christmas day prime rib in the Lacanche with the popovers (kind of like Yorkshire pudding) in the wall over. This combo has always been near impossible to pull off in a reasonable sequence. Having two ovens will take care of that.

      My mind is running to a list of first feasts to cook on the range. Since it is French I am thinking of the first French meal I will cook on it. Maybe a rustic pork shoulder recipe I have from France. I think my first Italian feast will be a Timpano like the one cooked in the movie First Night. The range comes with a wok ring attachment for the 18,000 BTU center burner so I am definitely planning my first Thai feast. When we were in Thailand in 2010 we took a cooking class. We tried rather successfully to recreate that once since then, but my burners were so weak it was a real pain. And then of course there will be the first Thanksgiving meal with the turkey in the Lacanche and the stuffing and yams in the wall oven with plates in the warming cupboard on the Lacanche.