Sunday, October 5, 2014

Cabinet sneak peek

A lot of the cabinetry has been delivered but not installed. We couldn't help ourselves taking a peek under the plastic and cardboard that covered things up.

A mish mash of cabinets and appliances sitting in the Family Room

A little sponge hopper under what will be our kitchen sink. Cabinets were painted with Benjamin Moore Smoke Embers.

rubbish and recycling

Slide out shelf from the corner dead space.

This unit will sit on the counter top on the same wall as the wall oven and fridge.
It is the only place where we are having upper cabinets.
Vertical dividers for sheet pans, trays, cutting boards, etc.

Another shot of the vertical dividers, this will be directly above the microwave/oven combo wall oven.
The two big drawers in white behind this cabinet are the base for a window seat going into one of the bedrooms.

Master bath vanity has been installed.

Those holes in the walls are for medicine cabinets which you can see in the next few pictures.

Inside one of the new medicine cabinets.

Not only is this a thing of beauty by it is solid as all get out. So much more so than the Waterworks version it was
modelled on. And at only about 60% of the cost of the Waterworks version. It was even less expensive than a
Restoration Hardware version we were considering.

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