Sunday, October 19, 2014

I wanted to title this "Casegoods are good" but it is really millwork

A few pictures of some of millwork that has been installed.

No, that's not a coffin about to be place under the window John always felt those two closets seemed out of place and like they were afterthoughts. He wanted to take them out, but the absence of closets would have turned our five bedroom house into a four bedroom house. Not exactly what one should do when relying on real estate appraisals for financing.

I'm about to unveil John's solution to the orphan closets.

A window seat really kind of does the trick. I must admit, a cushion and a few pillows and I can see some reading getting done in this spot on a Sunday afternoon. Or a rainy afternoon, or even a snowy one. 

Our little Butler's Pantry is starting to come to life. The color is just the primer. They will eventually be painted in Farrow & Ball's full gloss Hague Blue.

You can see how it snuggles in this niche between the kitchen and the dining room.
The upper cabinets will have glass doors and the entire alcove walls,
backsplash and ceiling will have wood paneling in the same color. 

I love how the base board on the cabinets is a different scale than the base boards on the walls.

 I think those upper brackets are going to be gone. They built them correctly, but I did my math wrong. The slide out shelves on the bottom are meant to hold liquor bottles which can be pretty tall.

The Living Room mantel built but not installed. I think some additional trim work gets added as well.

Me, not sure what I think of the new mantel. I think I liked it better on paper, but think it is perfectly fine. And am waiting for it to installed before I make my final declaration.

One of our screen doors.

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  1. Wow. It's starting to come together, and it is looking great! I must admit, when you mentioned all that polishing with the steel wool that I cringed and immediately felt my fingers cramping. Hopefully, y'all have much better hands than I do. :)