Thursday, November 13, 2014

Rail against the machine (these babies were hand made)

Just when we thought most decisions were made little things with big consequences keep popping up. And now that I am working full time, they are especially hard to take care of. Instead of worrying about it or going into more detail, I  am just going to show some pretty pictures.

As with most things on this blog, I will have more to say about these gorgeous Chippendale railings, but for now I will just say they are a triumph of craftsmanship. One attempt was made to procure these custom designed railing panels from a company that specializes in such things, but in the end the design was too particular for them to pull off. So our contractors put their carpenters to work making about 16 of these modules.

I thought the railings would be nice, but they are much more impressive in real life.

Even a portapotty can't distract from the beauty of these railings.


  1. STUNNING! Have you been to the Paca House in Annapolis? They have a lot of that style both inside and out.

  2. It helps that you have a good contractor (and architect!) - they're really beautiful.

  3. Wow! I missed a few days. So much happening, and it all is looking like House Beautiful!

  4. I scanned through a lot of your posts and I love everything you're doing. The house had great bones but making it "sing" was all in the details. You've chosen all the right ones. I especially love the Hague Blue cabinets.