Sunday, November 2, 2014

We have a phone in our shower...

Well, not really.

In person, polished nickel really does look different than polished chrome.

Finally a shower I don't have to duck to get under.

This Carrera subway tile from Waterworks is remarkably inexpensive and looks pretty fabulous.

Our custom made medicine cabinets were about half the cost of the Waterworks version we wanted. And way better built.

This toilet is actually in the guest bathroom, but it is the same as the one in our master bath.
I could do an entire post on toilet choices but I will spare you. I will say that toilet choice is a not unimportant thing to consider. Number one concern: NO 'COMFORT' HEIGHT toilets for us. Comfort height refers to toilets that are taller so that the old and infirm have an easier time getting up from the seat. But I got news for you people, our bodies were not made to poo a those angles. The lower your butt to the ground, the closer your knees are to your chest, that's how you get the pipes moving and keep them healthy. So, we got a lower bowl. We also got an elongated bowl. The original toilets in this house were too round and well, I will stop there.  As for toilet design, we wanted it as plain as possible. Seat? We didn't want to pay $66 for the plastic, easy close seat that Toto is famous for. We want something with a little more heft and solidity. Who cares if someone makes a noise at 2:00 am when they accidentally drop the seat?


  1. Oddly enough we rarely talk toilets here. I think clients are afraid to talk about it. At work we almost always use the same ones, either some basic toto or the Kohler Memoirs. We used the Memoirs at the old house in Cleveland Park, which you saw I believe and plan on using it again. Agreed on elongated but old houses have no room for such niceties. I LOVE the comfort height though as I've always had bad knees. Add fiber to your diet and save the knees!

  2. My fiance and I have argued about seat height many a time. I say no to comfort height. For someone who is short - tall toilets are no fun. Lol.

  3. We recently replaced a toilet in our old house and I was delighted at the efficiency of the flushing. The secret, said the plumber, is in the design of the bowl.