Saturday, November 22, 2014

Weekend Update: It's almost looking like a finished house from the outside

  I'm sure that headline must be trademarked by SNL, but I doubt there are any NBC lawyers among my readers, so I won't sweat a lawsuit.

Things are reaching fever pitch at the house. We are having a walk through with our architect and our contractor on Tuesday morning so they are trying to tie up all the loose ends. It is one of those situations where it seems to get messier and messier as things get closer to done. Today while we were there they were installing door hardware, painting, and putting in more retaining wall next to the driveway since the new finish grade is quite different from that of our next door neighbor. We saw most of the plumbing fixtures in place, most of the decorative electrical fixtures, the banister has been stained, tile is up in the kitchen as are the open shelves, the exterior railing is get the picture, its just too bad we didn't actually take pictures of all of that. Maybe tomorrow.

So, in no particular order...

You've seen the railing before, but not in this location. It certainly helps anchor the old porch (still waiting for its screens) and helps balance out the house.

The shutters that we had made in 2011 have been painted and reinstalled. The door surround has been installed. The new copper scupper for the two downspouts on the right sure looks nice.

Good spot, if not the best shot, to see the relationship between the old screen porch and the new master bedroom deck over the new family room and kitchen. You can also spy the new Bevelo lanterns on the first and second levels. And there is no missing the shiny new copper.

Lanterns in place as is the hardware on the French windows.

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Can't wait for the construction junk to go away and for the board to come off of that window on the garage.

I'm not thrilled about this light. In general I liked it and was happy to choose it, but something about its location doesn't work so well for me. This may be something that gets swapped out in a few years.

Glad this light is on the back of the garage where we won't see it much. It will be useful however, as there will be garbage cans, a grill, and eventually pool equipment hiding back here that will occasionally need illumination.


  1. It is such a gorgeous house, Thomas, and the people across the street must be thrilled with the new view!

  2. It is really coming along nicely. After all this is said and done, give us some tips on how you found a contractor you liked. I had a horrible remodel experience with my old house which is what prompted us to sell it as soon as we were able.