Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Ladies and Gentlemen, we have a punch list

There is not much left to do. I don't know where the time went. When I started this blog I planned on doing much more in the way of process photos and explanations. But by the time things started to get really interesting, I went back to work and there just didn't seem like the time or opportunity. Still, as we get settled (in 9 days time) I am going to try and go into depth on some design elements and details.

The only things left to do are paint touch ups, replacement of a few items that were nicked, scratched, or broken, exterior hardware for three doors, screen doors...hmm maybe there are a few more things than I thought. But nothing that will keep us from being able to move in.

The shutters have been installed on the garage, the bean pulls are on the doors. It is looking like the carriage house we hoped it would.
The inside of the garage. I'm not sure if this gets a coat of paint or not. If it doesn't that is an easy enough job for me after we move in.

The tar and chip driveway has been installed. I was ambivalent enough about the driveway that I let John take the lead without really giving much input. I really like the way it turned out. It looks like a gravel drive.

The exterior of the mudroom door painted in Farrow and Ball Pigeon. Hardware is by Baldwin in unlacquered brass. The deadbolt is missing its rosette.

The library. Paint is a Benjamin Moore color match to Farrow and Ball's Hardwick White.

I think my books are going to be added this weekend.

I'm glad the driveway and retaining wall look so nice since the library (converted from a garage in the 1940s) looks out onto it.

From the Family Room at the back of the house looking through the Dining Room into the Living Room. The chandelier is Thomas O'Brien for Circa Lighting but the bulbs are without their shades at the moment.

The French window that leads from the Dining Room out to the screened porch. The knob and lock on the door still need to be swapped out.

The Family Room taken from the Kitchen.

The Kitchen from The Family Room. There will be a round table under the pendant light.

I can't wait to break this lovely in.

You can see why it was important to make the garage look pretty. It's right in my line of view from the sink. I can't wait to see it once John has his garden in.

We are quite happy with this light from Allied Maker of Glen Cove, NY. They seemed to have stopped making this exact version since we ordered ours this summer. It was pretty much the only light fixture we were really enthused about. Although I must say that most of other decorative fixtures that looked cheap online look quite nice in person. Which is a good thing because lighting is expensive.

I love the size of this sink. No problems getting pots and pans in this one. I also think it is really good looking. It doesn't have zero radius corners (really sharp inside corners) but I prefer the little bit of curve that they have. Especially since Franke sink was only about $380 when every other sink we looked at was two or three times that amount. And if you want this particular model, you have to buy it from a big box retailer. For some reason Franke doesn't sell this version to wholesalers/contractor supplier firms. And its better looking than the ones they do sell to wholesalers.



  1. I don't know if I'm drooling more over the library or the kitchen. Classic, elegant , roomy. Well done to you and John

  2. Wow. It is just stunning - and all those empty shelves... ;-)

  3. I have sink envy. The bookshelf envy goes without saying. Love the choice of paint colours, too.

  4. Really looks great! The zero radius sinks are hard to keep clean so be glad you didn't get one; a lot of people regret that decision later on.
    Before putting your books on the shelves make sure the paint has dried for 2-3 weeks. We've had problems with books sticking on painted shelves if you're in a rush to put them on. Huge transformation, so glad I got to see the before to appreciate the after!

  5. Oh. My. Goodness. It is gorgeous!

  6. I found your blog doing a search for lacanache- WOW. I have spent all morning with a few cups of tea enjoying your whole renovation. Words cannot describe the thoughtful details and timeless appeal. I'm a girl from the northeast living in the Rocky mountains and oh how I miss the architecture and style. We are planning a kitchen reno now and yours is true perfection. I look forward to seeing the finished updates in 2015.

  7. Thomas, surely you have more than a punch list by now! Your fans would like an update and more pretty pictures of the finishing touches. We were just getting to the good bit.