Friday, June 24, 2016

What's in a name?

As I began posting about the planting schemes for various parts of the yard I realized that John and I were going to need some sort of shared understanding of what we were calling each part of the yard. With so many new beds and nooks and crannies, I imagined a nightmare as we tried to communicate something about some part of the yard and having to spend way too much time explaining which bit we were talking about. Especially since I won't remember the names of plants as well as John and I pictured myself constantly saying "you know, the green thing over by the stone thingy" or something like that.

With John's input and cooperation, I came up with names for each of the unique areas of the yard. Although some of these areas will be similarly planted to some of their neighbors, they do each represent different planting schemes, locations, topography, etc.

click on image to englarge

I tried to come up with names that were descriptive and not too cute.

1. Perennial Meadow
2. Front Border
3. Library Border
4. Arbor Walk
5. Pot Terrace (no, not what you are thinking)
6. Apple Walk
7. Urn Terrace
8. Urn Border
9. Magnolia Hill
10. Magnolia Corner
11. Hornbeam Hill
12. Hornbeam Row
13. Oak Corner
14. Pond Terrace
15. Terrace
16. Herb Garden
17. Kitchen Border

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