Monday, July 4, 2016

Green stuff arrives

It is shockingly tedious sometimes to weed through progress photos and put them into some sort of blog narrative that might be interesting. It can be overwhelming enough that one puts it off another day and then another, and then more pictures are added and the whole thing just snowballs. So rather than let the crushing weight of too many photos keep me from posting an update, I decided to just give you a bit of a photo dump (a fraction of what is available) and let them populate the screen according to the whims of Blogger and the image numbering system.

42 yew hedges show up

Some other things show up on the yew hedge truck.

I really like the foliage on this Camellia 'Winter's Snowman'

The yews lining up in their final positions.

The espaliered Malus 'Gala' waiting to be planted and unfurled.

Hellaborus planted in the Library Border waiting for some ferns to join them.

Eventually, these yews will knit together and make a single hedge.

Our new street tree arrives. A Ginko. Slow growing with an open canopy.

Planted and unfurled.

It looks like the yard has acne. Notice the newly installed fence providing a lovely backdrop.

Notice the partially completed Urn Terrace in the foreground.

It is nice to finally see some green to offset all the grey stone.

Bluestone waiting to become a terrace.


  1. So exciting for you; your garden is beautiful!!!

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