Monday, April 14, 2014

A lot of stuff we won't be choosing, and some we will

In the world of tile and stone finishes there are so many choices it boggles the mind. Even for those of us who have very strong ideas of what we want it is kind of hard not to notice and yearn a bit for wildly inappropriate, but beautiful options.

A whole lot of stuff we won't be choosing.

More tile and stone we won't be choosing. If our house was a bit more modern I would love some of those ceramic glazed brick-like tiles like the light blue tiles in chevron herringbone pattern and the white ones below that.

Totally wrong for our house, but that brown glazed tile is so beautiful.

If this small (maybe 2" x 4") glass subway tile wasn't so gosh darn expensive it would be a contender.

So many beautiful marbles but one has to be discipline to choose what's right, not just pretty.

A page from Waterworks' Keystone collection. The Carrara in the lower left corner is where we are headed.

I find the Zephyr in the upper right corner very tempting but would probably live to regret it.

This is the general direction we are going but probably has more veining in it than we want.

The ceramic 3" x 6" subway tile will be in the guest bathrooms but in white with matte white ceramic 1" hex tiles on floor. The Master shower enclosure will be honed Carrara subway tile in running bond with marble hex on the floor.

I would like darker grout similar to this for the ceramic subway tile.

This beautiful Ann Sacks image shows longer tiles, but the coloring of the tile and grout are very similar to what we will have in the master bath.


  1. I'm dreaming of an ancient Roman mosaic shower now, thanks to that second image. Though really I'd settle for almost anything without mildew.

    1. We stumbled across this place in NYC earlier this year that has the most amazingly colorful tiles. It made us want to buy a Mediterranean home somewhere just so we could buy a bunch of stuff that would be so inappropriate in our home.

  2. The options can be really overwhelming, can't they? The white tile pattern you're referring to above is herringbone not a chevron. Similar but different! I think it's always best to go with something classic and safe, otherwise you have the avocado green of the 70s!

    1. You are so right about classic and safe. And unlike people who use crazy, high end interior designers, we can't afford to swap everything out every two years.

  3. So pretty, so overwhelming. Its such a challenge to keep the integrity of a room (and the whole house) in mind when choosing one element. I can see why people with a lot of money hire a designer to take care of things.

    1. I must say we have shown remarkable discipline on this point.