Monday, April 14, 2014

Progress Update

Remember the library? Doesn't look like that anymore.

Same view of the library without a floor, walls, or shelves.

When the house was built in 1934 this was a garage. Sometime after that they turned it into a library. A cold, poorly insulated library.

The original door from the garage/library was really, really narrow. The new one won't be quite this big when it is framed out but it will do a lot to integrate the room into the rest of the house.
New window for the maser bath.
The window openings at left and on the second floor will be bigger.

Nice to know the old mushroom wallpaper will be preserved for future generations behind the family room walls.
Footings for the new garage seen from the new second floor deck.

The existing slate has had a good run (80 years) so we decided to replace all of it. It is going to cost a big chunk of change but maintenance would cost even more. Seems like the right time. And I will say your welcome to some future owner of the house who won't have t replace this baby for a good 30-50 years after we move out.

HVAC ducts in the attic knee walls. Kind of looks like the start of a pipe organ. Hmm, now I have an idea.

Some of the old guts that will be replaced. I think this clearance means one fewer air return vents. Fingers crossed.

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