Saturday, April 26, 2014

Wallpaper time warp Part II

I don't remember if I shared the story of the missing necklace with you all. After Lucy's Forever Home got going I got an email from Amy Speiser Vaughan who grew up in our house in the 1970s. Among other things she dropped me a line to see if were planning any changes to the stairs going up to the attic bedroom. When she was about 15 she lost a gold necklace between the cracks of the stairs and she has never forgotten about it.

Turns out we did plan to take those stairs apart, but so far nothing has been found. There is a subfloor with planks that have gaps between them below the stairs so it is still possible we may find it if that gets opened up.

After she first wrote me I asked Amy if she had any old pictures that showed the house. She was nice enough to scan some old snapshots and send them my way. It was really fun to see how the house looked in the 1970s and how it was used by the Speiser family. Amy was also nice enough to let me post this picture of her in the kitchen. You may remember my early post on wallpaper.

1970s Amy talking on what we children of the 70s refer to as a phone.
You can just see the corner of a breakfast nook table behind her arm. By the time we bought the house that nook had been turned into a powder room.
(Photo courtesy of Amy Speiser Vaughan)

The wallpaper uncovered.

The wallpaper preserved behind our new family room wall.

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  1. Oh I hope you find it! Love that photo, isn't it wonderful? Makes me love that wallpaper too (although I know you guys don't want to live with it!)