Sunday, April 12, 2015

Houses may change but chairs are forever?

You may recall the groovy picture I shared last year that showed what our kitchen looked like back in the 1960s and 1970s. One of the girls who grew up in the house had been in touch with me and sent some fantastic vintage photos of the interiors. At Christmas she was back in DC and stopped by with her son to have a look at the place. Last weekend her brother and his wife who still live in the area stopped by to see the house.

He showed us some fascinating photos of the house from 1968 which I managed to scan while John was showing them around the place. Later that day John was studying the scanned images using the zoom to really study some of the details. After a bit he said "Toonces, come look at this" (yes he calls me Toonces). What he showed me--to quote one of those annoying click bait headlines--blew my mind.  I'll let the pictures do the talking.

This is the bedroom we use as an office looking quite cozy with a fire going. If a set designer had styled the room it wouldn't look any more 1960s than this picture does. Monkees' poster, check. Snoopy calendar, check. Alfred E. Neuman from Mad Magazine, check. Area rug in the shape of a foot, CHECK!  How awesome. But that isn't what blew me away.

Yes the flowers on the closet doors are great, but that isn't it...wait...that chair. Where have I seen it before?
Did we really buy the same exact chair but in black?

It appears that we did. Forty-seven years after those bedroom pictures were taken, John, unknowingly and totally by chance ordered four J77 chairs by Folke Palsson chairs from Denmark. 

You can even still get the coral version.
We ordered ours from Danish Design Store
I guess you could say the chair has a certain timeless quality. 

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  1. Ha! Timeless. My daughter just told me when she gets her own place it is going to have a seventies vibe, with macrame doodads and spider plants. Gasp.